Learn more about our pricing

Reliable child care doesn't have to break the bank. We provide payment plans for part-time programming, which is up to 25 hours a week, and full-time programming, which is up to 48 hours a week. This way, you can select an option that fits your schedule and budget. Please note that we charge $4.20 for each hour over the amount you've selected, and rates are subject to change.

Children have different needs at different ages, which is why our prices vary depending on how old they are. Check out our programs and weekly pricing:

Newborns - two-year-olds:

Part-time is $102.50, full-time is $185

Two - four-year-olds:

Part-time is $97.50, full-time is $175

Four - twelve-year-olds:

Part-time is $95, full-time is $170

We also offer before- and after-school programs with transportation provided. Those prices are:

  • $63 a week for before- and after-school care
  • $47 for just before- or after-school care
  • $30 for one day of before- and after-school care

Our facility also accepts a registration fee. It's $75 to hold a spot for your child with a start date set and $25 for additional children. You can register for childcare services while pregnant. Please make sure your child is fully-vaccinated before their start date.