While You're Away, Let Your Child Play

Enroll your little one at our childcare facility in Casper, WY

Balancing being a parent and providing for your family can be tricky. But Miss Ashlee's Childcare can help make it all easier. Our childcare facility in Casper, WY provides top-notch supervision for your little one. From the time they're a newborn to 12 years old, you can enroll your child in a part-time or full-time program that suits your schedule. Our day care facility accepts payments weekly and we can use DFS assistance to cover our rates.

Call 307-233-4057 now to start the registration process at our childcare facility. Before signing your little one up, please make sure they have all their vaccines.


While you're at work, your little one can play and learn at our day care center. Our facility has two playgrounds, two outdoor areas and a gym for them to explore. We keep kids active and engaged with our programming, which has a new and exciting theme weekly. Our programs include:



Let us introduce your child to colors, nursery rhymes, shapes and numbers. They'll enjoy circle time with their friends daily, and we make sure to keep track of attendance.

Before and after school care

You can trust us to drop off your child and pick them up. We'll fill their time with educational and social activities that continue their learning.


Your little one will enjoy hands-on learning in this structured and educational program. We'll help your child prepare for kindergarten by hosting circle time and teaching name and number writing, shapes and colors.

Your child is safe and sound with us

Are you worried about your child staying safe while out of your sight? You can trust our staff. We have over seven years of experience providing childcare and a top-notch security system in place.

You can rest assured your child is protected because we:

  • Give each family a specific code to enter the facility
  • Only release students to an authorized adult
  • Have cameras in all classrooms and play areas

We also use the Procare app, which allows you to get updates about your child throughout the day. Our staff will log their diaper changes, activities and medicine and will send you photos and updates during the day.

You can also count on us to keep your child healthy. We can work with therapists, and we provide nutritional breakfasts, lunches and snacks while adhering to any allergy restrictions your child has. If you've enrolled your infant, we ask that you provide food if they have dietary issues or aren't eating solids yet.
Contact us right away to learn more about our health and safety measures.